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In November, 1999, we embarked upon a new chapter in our life, when we took delivery of a 1978 MC8 bus. Our intention was to convert it into our vacation home on wheels. In July, 2000, the plans changed slightly, when we purchased a 1982 MC9 with a newly rebuilt engine and transmission. We sold the MC8, and have been working full bore on the MC9. In the Summer of 2001, we raised the roof, reframed the sides, and covered it all with new siding. Throughout the Summer of 2002, we worked on finishing up the exterior modifications and getting the coach back in road worthy condition. We achieved this in late August, and began using the bus for traveling, once again. While there are still a few things left to do to complete the exterior modifications, we will be finishing those as time and weather permit, and focusing on interior work now. Follow this for all the details on the project.

As the project progresses, pictures and information will be posted here as time permits. If you find any links that don't work properly, please send me a note so I can fix them.

- Articles, tidbits, and general musings which are not directly related to the project, but have some bus related interest.

Here's a . I would appreciate feedback on the plan. Please take some time to study the drawing and email any to me.

This is the 1978 MC8 that started us on this long journey. It was sold in 2001 to a wonderful couple in Iowa who will be giving it the chance to become the dream coach it so deserves to be. It really is a nice coach, and I often wonder if I sold the right bus. We were a little sad to see it go, but I know Mike and Lynn will give it a wonderful home and enjoy it very much. Since that time, I have enjoyed continuing to build the friendship with them, sharing knowledge, ideas, parts and dreams.

I have decided to keep the pages on the MC8 available on the site. There may still be some useful information in there.

Interesting Stuff

040319 - , a fellow Minnesotan busnut sent me some photos of his Eagle cafe style bay door conversion. I thought I'd share them with others.

020301 - WOW!! Today I found my next conversion project. It's an awesome Australian motorhome. You can see details at . Talk about your monster RV!! This thing is cool!

- of Dixon, CA, put this spreadsheet together to help locate 24-volt light bulbs. He has allowed me to post it here so others can benefit from his efforts. Thanks, Chris.

I'd like to extend special thanks to for initially providing the space for this website. Without his generosity, this site would never have grown to where it is today. Jerry lost his ISP service in late 2002, and had to relocate his own website and bulletin board. Unfortunately, he was not able to continue hosting this site. However, it is with great pleasure that I can extend another special thank you to fellow busnut Mike Benedict, whose network skills far exceed mine. Mike came to the rescue and is now hosting my domain, and providing space for the site, as well as providing an incredible amount of support to get me up to speed on some issues I was not familiar with. It's been a very enlightening experience, and I appreciate all the support.

Contact Information

We are located in the small community of St. Michael, MN, which is about 30 miles northwest of Minneapolis. If you're in the area, and would like to drop by and see the project, please contact me via email at or phone me at one of the following numbers:
Home - 763-497-4311 after 3pm CST and weekends
Cell - 763-528-3573 most any other time

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